Step 1 - Add source in File Manager

On your Kodi, go to Settings -> File Manager -> Add source.
Click on and enter the address of the Orangeivity Add-on Repository:
Then enter a name for this media source, e.g. Orangeivity and click Ok.

Step 2 - Install add-ons

Having set up the new file source, it’s time to install two add-ons:
The Orangeivity repository add-on (so that you get automatic updates) and the DJ Orive service add-on.

Go to Add-ons -> Add-on browser -> Install from zip file
Access the file source you entered in step 1 (e.g. Orangeivity).
You may need to allow installation of add-ons from unknown sources.
Then install (get the latest version available). Wait until you see that the add-on has been installed.

Go to Add-ons -> Add-on browser -> Install from repository
Select Addons -> Services -> Orive Beta!
Click Install

Step 3 - Configure the add-on

Click on Orive Beta! -> Disable.
Click on Configure -> License Key and enter the license key you received via email when you signed up for early access or bought your license.
Click on Name for this Kodi and choose a name from the dropdown.

Click on Orive Beta! -> Enable.
You should a notification that Orive has connected and that it uploaded details of library items in your Kodi, for fast and accurate search.

Note: If your Kodi doesn’t have items scanned in its libraries, you won’t be able to use it with DJ Orive.  So please scan your media and restart DJ Orive.

Step 4-Talk to DJ Orive

On your Google Home device or Google Assistant:

You: “Talk to DJ Orive”
DJ Orive: “Your Kodi is connected. Say a command.”

You: “Play song Nothing Else Matters”
DJ Orive: “Done! Say another command.”

You: “Play movie Charade”
DJ Orive: “Done! Say another command.”

You: “Play TV show Friends season 1 episode 1″
DJ Orive: “Done! Say another command.”